We BringYou Hope.

 Those living with mental health and addiction issues often find themselves in dark places. Charak Center for Health and Wellness strives to bring hope to these individuals through the provision of a comprehensive range of mental health and addiction services in a manner that is affordable, accessible and efficient. Our accomplished group of professional staff offer a thorough knowledge of all available treatments and therapies, both the tried-and-true and the cutting edge. That wealth of knowledge and experience enables us to bring a multi-faceted approach to our patients’ mental health issues. At Charak, we understand there is no single solution to any ailment. Therefore a thorough and reasoned understanding of each individual is necessary for us to formulate a plan of care and support that is individualized, creative, and comprehensive. Moreover, with five locations throughout northeast Ohio, Charak’s services are accessible and available to every community and individual in the area.

If you or someone you love is struggling, you must reach out for help. Please know that your quest to feel better is our quest. Trust. Help. Knowledge. Support. These are the foundations on which Charak’s services are built. We are here to serve you. Hope is within your reach!  

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